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Full Stack Developer

523 — 643 RUR

в Kyle, Москва
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Full-time , telecommuting

International company.

Full-time, home-based position.

Full Stack Developer for Hire Immediately. Junior / Intermediate.

Independent Contractor Only - No Agencies Please

Required work experience: 1 - 3 year experience

Our Client:

BoxDevLab is driven by our innovative vision, efficiencies and craftsmanship to change the world through automation. We build products and tools that drive business and revenue growth.

We are the best at what we do. We power a marketplace of companies that specialize in multiple verticals.

The principles of work in our team are based on ROWE (Results Only Work Environment). The main principles are:

result instead of hours

freedom instead of timetable

notification instead of permission

responsibility instead of politics.

If you're excited about product-driven growth engineering then Box Dev Lab is the place for you!

What we are looking for:

● Comfort and confidence working on a variety of tasks ranging from backend

infrastructure and systems programming to full stack projects.

● An eye for visuals. Design skills are not required but you can critique and modify existing designs.

● Experience working with other engineers, and designers and non-engineers.

● Experience making hard trade-offs between important goals to get the right things built quickly.

● Experience with CI, build, and deployment technologies like Jenkins, Buildkite, Docker, Kubernetes, Bazel, Packer, and Terraform.

● Deep knowledge of operating systems and the software ecosystems that surround them.

● Ability to context switch and focus on small and large problems.

● A passion for building tools that help others succeed.

● Excellent communication skills, written and verbal.

Technical Skill:

● Javascript (React, TypeScript), Android (Kotlin, RxJava), or iOS (React Native,

Objective-C) development frameworks and fundamentals.

● Ruby on Rails primarily (backend development)

● Angular (frontend development)

● We don't expect everyone to be an expert in all of these, and everyone has their

specialties, but the more platforms you're comfortable with (or want to learn!), the faster we can move.

● Minimum experience: 1 -3 years.

Why Work With Box Dev Lab?

● Grow your portfolio, own whole projects

● Freedom to work from anywhere in the world

● Ability to work wherever you are most comfortable (home, office, park, café, etc.)

● Interesting, challenging projects using the latest technologies

Take the assessment at https://apply.hire.toggl.com/YJYLQL20Z805JOKCKDV

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